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This video deals with training the Spanish walk, the rear, and the hind leg walk. It also touches on the capriole and the sequence of cues for the bow, lie down and sit up. It illustrates how cues are changed, depending on whether the horse is mounted, on a line, or at liberty.

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Liberty and Reinless Creativity

The two most enjoyable and creative ways of displaying training is at liberty and riding reinless. I started with these to show how horses (even stallions) can happily respond to the lightest cues and that everyone over-rides the mouth.

So my ultimate goal with every trick or movement became to produce it reinless and at liberty. The reinless work is not hard to do, but it does take a lot of practice. It demonstrates how precise and balanced a horse can be on simple leg cues. Even the highest-headed Arabs and Saddlebreds become "rounded" for the most elaborate movements without gimmicks to get their head down. This training method rounds them into a balanced position.

With the grounding in liberty training from Glenn Randall, it was not hard to figure out the best cues to develop. While the caprioles are the flashiest of the liberty tricks, they are fairly easy to produce. But my favorite mixture of liberty and dressage is the Piaffe Pirouette at Liberty . . . and get this . . . on a singing cue!

Bow Horse Trick Horse Trot

Endless Possibilities for Reinless Liberty

Many visual cues can be learned almost instantly by horses. Yet few take advantage of this in training. I start every horse on the two basic liberty cues – point out the shoulder and come in off a hind leg cue. So much easier for them . . . and me!!

The roll up is a basic position for your trick horse to learn. From it you get the lie down or sit up. It is critical to school the horse to always wait in this position for the next cue.

As a liberty trick, the capriole is quite simple. Traditional training, however, makes it quite difficult for the horse. Just one person is needed for this as a liberty trick. Other methods use several people. Think of the poor horse, wondering who to listen to!

From western spins and sliding stops to elegant dressage, piaffe and passage, to many, many other tricks, you are only limited by your own talent and imagination. Why accept limits from others or dubious traditions?

Laying Down Horse Trick Reinless
Spanish Walk Reinless
Piaffe Pirouette at Liberty

5 stars
"While I'm mostly a trail rider, your tapes have given me the perspective to better judge horse training. I love that you emphasize getting the horse to actually like his work, even those difficult tricks."
- Linda Tyganhof in California with Arabs and palominos, aussieldyrider

5 stars
"I can tell that you have a lot of experience. The horses seem to obey your every command. Adding some of your methods to my training routine has taken it to a another level."
- Tim from Del Mar