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Tribute To Basko

Basko had quite a full life before high school training at the age of 16. He won ribbons in endurance and horse shows. He was already a versatile Arabian. A whole new world opened up when he and I learned the intricate trick training with the great Glenn Randall. So many myths of horse training crumbled once we mastered his lessons.

I did not even intend to use him, but I showed a picture of him to Glenn and he ordered me to bring him. I said that he was 16. "That don't matter," he replied.

We used our new knowledge to entertain at openings & elaborate parties.

By his mid 20's he was retired to occasional lessons & trail rides, and he was always a favorite with everyone.

Basko lived to be 36 years old. The last years of his life were spent as a dear pet and happy trail horse.

Basko Horse Basko Running