Horse Training Videos

Spanish Walk Reinless

I usually don't do Spanish Walk Reinless. However, Gem's passage was quite lackluster compared to Star's, so I thought Spanish Walk Reinless would give her an equally elegant movement in a suspended trot. As she already knew passage and Spanish Walk, it was relatively simple to produce Spanish Walk Reinless by combining the cues for both movements.

Since I had already done piaffe and piaffe pirouette at liberty I wondered if I could do the same with Spanish Walk Reinless. I was hoping Gem could do just one circle around me. But once she got the idea, she volunteered more circles.

It was a challenge to figure out a suitable cue. Part of the cue is habit of position. This is the only liberty movement I cue from her left side. Her right side is for piaffe pirouette. So when I dismount at the end of the song, she is ready for her Liberty Spanish Walk Reinless. After 4-5 circles I move to her right side for a musical reprise to her Liberty Piaffe Pirouette, then bow, back up, and salute. And for an exit, a Liberty Spanish Walk Reinless as we march to the gate.