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This video emphasizes developing good lift of the hind legs and a true suspension, by the definition – a suspended, elevated trot in place.

Piaffe Training Full Video

DVD Horse Training
Full length video is 40 mins of Piaffe Training, Passage, Piaffe & Musical Reinless Riding. Get the full video DVD delivered to your door. DVD's ship from California and usually take 4-5 days to arrive. International order times may vary depending on location. Please complete the shipping information on the next page, thank you.

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Creative Piaffe

To produce the reinless piaffe, I started by teaching a liberty piaffe. Then I transfered the cues to the saddle. Just heels and a song were all that was needed.

Figures of Eight, Reinless, All Gaits Including Back-Up!!

Developing the most logical cues (to the horse) was the main challenge. The rest was practice, practice and more practice. I had to forsake the usual canter cues of outside leg, which would interfere with the turning cues. So instead I used the outside shoulder. Great pressure meant a small circle. Less pressure allowed a larger circle, and almost no pressure was the cue to go straight. Change of shoulder cue would produce a flying lead change. The back up (a valuable, much neglected exercise) took a lot work – combining turn cues with back up cues. The basic concept of moving away from pressure was my guide in developing this delightful way of training – the most logical and easiest for the horse to understand.

Reinless Rider

5 stars
"For years I had tried to train Piaffe with little success. Your method really made it click for me and my thoroughbred. I also enjoyed your tapes on tricks and reinless riding. I'm finding both very helpful and have great value far beyond the scope of just doing tricks."
- Bea Gulizia in Florida