Horse Training Videos

Piaffe Pirouette at Liberty

After developing the Piaffe at liberty, I thought it would be simple to create a Piaffe Pirouette at Liberty...Lots of practice was required to have the pirouette proceed slowly as both horses wanted to spin around fast. I use a singing cue as I do for the reinless Piaffe Pirouette for Gem. She has no ear for music and it took a long time to get the cue under saddle. Also, as I put so much 'forward' feel in the piaffe as shown in my Piaffe video, without side reins they would tend to move forward. So I had to work on that too.

Star was starting from scratch on this work only knowing piaffe in hand and just a bit under saddle, so I had to use side reins for a long time to help her from going forward and whirling around. The one advantage with her was her fast pick up to the singing cue. Gem needed a little tap reminder for the longest time.

Many seem to regard Piaffe as an end in itself. I regard it merely as an exercise to become what your creativity makes of it.