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Musical Reinless Riding

This video teaches reinless cues for canter, piaffe, turn on haunches, and figure-eight for choreography to music – using music as part of a cue.

Musical Reinless Riding Full Video

DVD Horse Training
Full length video is 25 mins of Musical Reinless Riding Training. Get the full video DVD delivered to your door. DVD's ship from California and usually take 4-5 days to arrive. International order times may vary depending on location. Please complete the shipping information on the next page, thank you.

$60 USD

The Back Up

Note how this level crouped mare can extremely flex her haunches to get the hind legs well under (rounding). Most of her training was reinless. That taught her to round. No gimmicks were used and no long lining.

Back Riding Horse Back Riding Horse 2


Bow on a shoulder cue and bow with a singing cue.

Box Shoulder Cue Horse Bow on Horse

5 stars
"For my next trick I will stick my arm through the telephone lines, grab your ear and pull you into the monitor so I can give you a great big ole hug. Your insight is priceless. Last night when I got home there was a storm brewing, so I took Belvedere into the round pen for some quick ground work. There, with dramatic cloud to ground lightning in the background, he did both Spanish Walk and Piaffe at liberty. It was a beautiful thing, a living work of art! And everything seemed worthwhile."
- Gina Allison and her Clydesdale stallion, Belvedere